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Line by line review, advice and negotiation strategy by a board-certified healthcare attorney.


Exactly when and where you are supposed to work.

Our line-by-line contract review will clarify which hospitals you need to cover, your shifts and their duration such as seven-on/seven-off schedules, day and night shift division. We will also help you understand your holiday and weekend shifts expectations and what happens when your relief does not arrive.

40% Of physician contracts reviewed required 40 to 50 hours of work per week.

Employment Termination

Secure the best options and benefits safety net.

We will help you to clarify possible reasons for termination, how to handle termination without a cause, and how to find a new position. Including, how to obtain privileges, get credentialed and if applicable, obtain a new license.

20% Of physicians have a group contract.

Liability Insurance

Know the type and limits.

It is very important to understand the type and the limits of the malpractice insurance that your hospital or contractor will offer to protect you. We will help ensure you comply with state insurance requirements.

93% Of reviewed physician contracts include provisions for malpractice insurance.


Ensure you earn what you deserve.

We will help you understand how your physician compensation package will be calculated whether it’s shift-based, wRVU productivity based, cash collections, productivity targets, or paid time off. Also, see how your compensation incentives compares to similar contracts in your state.

7% Of reviewed contracts included provisions to offer compensation incentives. Learn More


The best value and turnaround for physician contract review. Guaranteed.

$350 Per contract. One-time fee. No hidden cost.
3 Days Turnaround guaranteed. ​12, 24, and 48 hour expedited review options available.

Line by Line Contract Review

Unlimited Email Access to Your Attorney

Explanation and Insight for Each Revision

Benefits & Compensation Comparisons

Verified according to local, state and federal law

Our Attorneys

Direct access to personalized board-certified healthcare counsel.

Our handpicked board-certified health care attorneys have reviewed over 5,000 private practice contracts and over 10,000 hospital based contracts! Over 15,000 contracts combined! We have the experience to deliver the best contract terms possible. With so much experience we have probably already reviewed contracts for the position you are considering!


Get matched with the right attorney

We match physicians with our healthcare attorneys to contracts based on employer, specialty, and location. Physician employment laws vary by state and even by city. It is important to work with a healthcare attorney that understands and has experience in the particularities and nuances of your new place of employment. Alot of times the attorney will have already reviewed a contract for the position the physician is considering and can make sure the physician arrives at the best terms possible. Learn More

To start the review of your physician contract, the first step is to get matched with the right board certified attorney. Based on your location, we will recommend the most experienced board certified attorney in your new employment state or city. This way, you can have direct access to the best counsel for you.


Upload your contract

We make it easy to send your contract to your new attorney. After you have been matched with one of our attorneys, upload your contract quick and safe. Learn More

We will provide you with our easy upload form which allows you to send us your contract by PDF, TXT, DOC or RTF formats. You can even upload multiple files as your contract requires. All of the communication with our servers is encrypted and your contract is stored in a secure location in the US accessible only to your assigned attorney.


Get the best possible contract

3 days later the review of your contract will be complete. We will send you a copy of your reviewed contract by email including the explanation for each revision / comment made. Learn More

We are interested in building successful long term relationships with our clients. You will have unlimited access to your attorney by email to ask questions, discuss negotiation strategies, and request advice regarding your contract. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best physician contract possible.

Beyond Contract Negotiation

Insight, guidance, and negotiation strategy from start to finish.

Reviewing your contract also involves answering all of your contract-related questions, discussing negotiation strategy, and providing you with insightful contract advice for your career. Every contract review includes unlimited email access to your healthcare attorney, while we also offer additional, more direct connection options including:

By Phone Consultation

We offer packages of 1 and 3 hours of phone consultation with your attorney. Recommended if you are facing a time constraint or you need immediate advice and negotiation strategy with your attorney.

Multi-Draft Negotiation Strategy

Your attorney will prepare several drafts of your contract and explain the pros and cons of each throughout your employment negotiations. Guided by experience and insightful knowledge of local, state and federal law, your attorney will help you to prepare the best strategy to get the contract you deserve.

Negotiations On Your Behalf

Recommended in very complex or high-risk contracts. Your specialized board certified attorney will represent you during the contract negotiations and fight on your behalf for the best contract possible.

Case Studies

Beth Andrews, MD - Texas

“First, I was worried about getting an interview. But when I received employment offers, I had to learn what the contracts actually said so I would not be shocked later – when it was too late.

The Challenge

I am a physician, not an attorney. I can obviously read but language in the contracts was new to me and I was uncomfortable relying on my own understanding of what the language really means. I needed to find an attorney familiar with physician contracts specifically. I heard horror stories from my colleagues who used general employment attorneys who missed things in their contracts.

The Approach

I did not have the time to interview attorneys, I needed a pre-vetted attorney with knowledge of the specific laws that applied to the contracts I was considering. Fortunately, I found Physician Contract Reviews!

The Result

Success! The attorney I was paired with was patient, and most importantly proficient. I glanced over things that turned out to be really important and needed to be changed. Fortunately, I was not just relying on my own understanding!


Simple, fast and secure contract reviews.

1. All communication with our servers are encrypted and all of our servers are located in the US.

2. You can upgrade access to your attorney without needing to fill out additional forms.

3. The contract upload form allows you to upload multiple files at the same time.

4. All of our prices are upfront and clearly stated with each order.

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