Beth Andrews, MD - Texas

“First, I was worried about getting an interview. But when I received employment offers, I had to learn what the contracts actually said so I would not be shocked later – when it was too late.

The Challenge

I am a physician, not an attorney. I can obviously read but language in the contracts was new to me and I was uncomfortable relying on my own understanding of what the language really means. I needed to find an attorney familiar with physician contracts specifically. I heard horror stories from my colleagues who used general employment attorneys who missed things in their contracts.

The Approach

I did not have the time to interview attorneys, I needed a pre-vetted attorney with knowledge of the specific laws that applied to the contracts I was considering. Fortunately, I found Physician Contract Reviews!

The Result

Success! The attorney I was paired with was patient, and most importantly proficient. I glanced over things that turned out to be really important and needed to be changed. Fortunately, I was not just relying on my own understanding!